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Plastics Extrusion And Recycling Machine Factory In China

Production line

Sheet material shredding & granulation recycling production line

PET bottle crushing & cleaning recycling line

Granulation production line

Sheet & profile production line


This type of equipment is used to fully and uniformly mix materials.

It can be used for powder, granular and viscous materials.

Generally used in the mixing of masterbatch, resin, etc.

This series of equipment can process PVC, PP, PE and other plastic fragments to at least 30 mesh powder for further use.

This series of equipment can tear and break large pieces of plastic, head material, pipes, profiles, profiled materials, injection molded parts, etc.;

The fragments as small as 4~5mm and as large as 50mm can be customized according to your needs.

This series of equipment is often used in auxiliary cleaning and recycling lines or pelletizing production lines;

It can be used to de-label PET bottles or to agglomerate PE and other film materials to enter the extruder.

Since the establishment of Lantai Company, we built a production line for American customers in 2009. Now ten years have passed. Under our guidance and customers’ careful maintenance and maintenance, all parts of the production line are still intact and stable in performance. They are quite satisfied with the equipment produced by our company; therefore, after ten years, the customer took some pictures of the equipment in the production line and attached a paragraph to express his gratitude to us; the original text is as follows:

“Hello, my friend, thank you very much for the extrusion line that your company produces for us. I never expected that your extruder is so strong and durable, and thank you for providing us with a very complete, Professional operating instructions and maintenance plan; I hope to maintain a good friendship with you, I wish us long-term cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win.”

Providing the drawing

We can provide drawings to help you install the equipment

Voice call guide

We can guide you online to help you install the equipment

Video meeting guide

We can help you install the equipment through video guidance

Send engineer

Our engineers can go directly to your factory to guide the installation

We can provide common spare parts such as propeller blades, bolts, nuts, fixed knives, movable knives, sealing rings, etc. to help customers temporarily deal with some parts damage caused by unskilled operation of equipment to ensure normal production.

About Jiangsu Lantai

Jiangsu Lantai Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in plastics machinery. Our company is located in Jinfeng Town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province. It is nearby Shanghai and Nanjing, by the side of Yangtse River.

We produce various plastic machinery, such as PE\PVC\PP-R plastic pipe, profile(wood&plastic), sheet, panel extrusion line. Waste plastics recycling, cleaning, crushing, pelletizing line. Also we manufacture auxiliary machinery like heating/cooling mixer, crusher, shredder, haul-off unit, cutter etc. Our products are well sold in Asian countries and all over the world, such as India, Malaysia, Russia, Dubai,Turkey and South Africa.


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We accept OEM

We can add the authorized Logo on the device;
We can add any pattern you want to add on the device;
We can add Lantai’s own Logo on the device;
We can not add any graphics or logo to the device.

We can provide

Professional scheme design

Three-dimensional map

Configuration diagram

Professional scheme design

3D drawing

Good after-sales service

Provide professional equipment advice

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